Today, buying inventory remains the largest cost in retail, yet managing that inventory effectively is still one of the industry’s biggest problems. When it was introduced, RFID was meant to revolutionize inventory management, but it still hasn’t. As a result:

1. Store associates can’t identify what’s on the sales floor vs. in the stockroom in real-time, let alone find misplaced items in real-time.

2.Stores have not become reliable fulfillment centers for e-commerce orders, even as e-commerce orders become a larger portion of your sales.

3. The solutions that do exist are not only ineffective, they’re expensive.

This is where we come in. RADAR is a fully-integrated hardware and software solution that is powered by RFID and enhanced by computer vision. Our improved location accuracy means that you can find inventory more easily than ever before. Our heightened speed ensures immediate and accurate performance, even in the busiest of retail environments. RADAR’s speed and accuracy is a game-changer for the retail industry, because it introduces item-level analytics and even autonomous checkout.

Our team is comprised of talented, passionate, and experienced individuals that have collectively designed and launched 18 satellites, manufactured thousands of RFID readers, and led teams and tech implementations across 1000+ stores. With a shared understanding of the retail space, we rely on the feedback of our partners to improve our business and products. Your input and insights are our clearest guide to building what you need.


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